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Serge K.King, Talk with Ingrid Stadtler-
09/2019: Interviews mit Dr. Serge Kahili King, Gloria H. King und Susan P. Floyd auf Hawaii 


In the summer of 2019, I had the unique opportunity to interview my mentor, Serge King, his wife Gloria, and Susan Floyd on the Big Island of Hawaii. Click here for the Youtube videos and the transcripts:
Serge Kahili King: Youtube video, english transcript
Gloria Haumea King: Youtube video, english transcript
Susan Pa'iniu Foyd: Youtube video, english transcript

Couple Meditating on the Beach
06/2019: Ways towards Happiness: How to Start a Happy Day 


Learn about the scientifically proven benefits of meditation and its connection to the ancient Hawaiian HUNA teachings in this article of the happiness series. You will get detailed instructions for my favorite morning meditation, the Lovelight Meditation. It is a simple, pleasant, short (about 12min) and effective way for starting your day full of positive energy.


And here is my Summer gift for you: the guided Lovelight meditation as audio download!

03/2019: Ways towards Happiness (Part 1) 


The first part of the series "Ways towards Happiness" looks at the questions: What is happiness and why is it almost a "must" to deal with it? Which misconceptions are common and what gets in the way of our happiness? What determines our "Happiness Setpoint"? Read more...

11/2018: Stress management short & sweet


A stress-free holiday season and more: how the stress process works in
us and how it can be overcome and avoided with practical exercises.

01/2013: Evaluation of the Dynamind-Technique


Research Report: Empirical Evaluation of the Dynamind-Technique and its potential Use in Coaching and Counseling

Scientific paper in context of the Masters theses at the Donau-University, Krems

06/2006: Social Competence for IT Staff


Training Needs Analysis & Training Design (available in German) 
Project work as part of the university course for training and education management at the Johannes Kepler University, Linz